Cocciu d'amuri

Cocciu d'amuri

Azienda Agricola Pasquale Marino

Via Torreggiano, 14 - Petrosino (TP)

+39 328 709 1816


Cocciu d'amuri is work, it is sacrifice, it is dedication, it is passion for nature and for one's land.


La nostra storia

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The “ Cocciu D'Amurioil is produced by the Marino farm in Marsala (TP).
The farm has existed for several generations, my father Pasquale is an agronomist and has always combined traditional cultivation techniques with modern, scientific attention that respects the environment and with an organic method .
I'm Gloria, I'm 22 and I've decided to give a name to the oil produced by our small company.
My passion comes from the fact that I grew up in a family of farmers where organic farming and healthy eating are the DNA of our lifestyle.
I called it "COCCIU D'AMURI", inspired by the song by Nello Analfino which is a real serenade, a hymn to love, but also to the double meaning of the word "Cocciu", drop of love in Italian and "Cocciu" in archeology which means piece, piece of history because it is a very long story, the story of my olive groves made up of work, sacrifices, dedication, passion for nature and for one's land.

The oil

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The oil is a brand of three different but native cultivars which are: CERASUOLA, BIANCOLILLA AND NOCELLARA in the percentage of 33%, as required by the tradition of our family.
The olives are pressed immediately after the harvest which is done exclusively by hand in order to safeguard all the organoleptic properties.
The color is intense green and the scent is reminiscent of our land, sunny and savory with the intoxication of the sea.
The centuries-old olive trees are perched almost to contain and keep the hollow rocks of a ridge that slopes naturally into the bed of a "Ciumara" where a river flows in winter.
I have always thought that the peculiarity of the land where we grow our olive trees helps to give our oil that unique smell, taste and characteristics.
I invite you to taste it!

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